I have been practicing in the Albany area, and at the Atrium Building for the last 8 years. I recently moved to a cute, cozy space, in the same building, which I have made as comfortable and peaceful as possible, so it feels good to walk in and spend an hour or more in it. I have added a couple of things to make your massage session experience a pleasant one with a spa-like feeling to it.
When you come in for your massage session, the massage table will be nice and warm, for your comfort. I have hot towels ready to place on your back and feet, wrapping up the session with a gentle touch, while, at the same time, removing any unwanted oil before concluding your massage.
I play soothing music that enhances the trance-like state one goes into when feeling completely relaxed.
Since art plays such an important role in my life, I’ve dedicated a studio wall for the visual arts. I often invite local artists to exhibit a piece or two and rotate them every 6-8 weeks. This gives me the opportunity to connect with people that are expressing healing and beautifying our world.
Next time you come in for a massage, take the time to feel one of the pieces on the red wall.
Many times, I add aromatherapy to the massage session which gives the space another soothing element.
Some people have suggested I need to have an extra room with a couch so they can take a nap after the session. I will see what I can do about that…

I hope to see you soon at my cozy studio.